Business-Broker Dealers

Where advisors and investors connect

Cape is a safe haven for financial professionals who truly wish to be independent and require broker-dealer support. We embrace your professional needs and strive to provide the home office support that you need to succeed in our industry. We have developed a flexible and adaptable model that plugs into your business vision and supports your goals.

As for clients passionate about investing and saving for the future, a Cape securities brokerage account is the smart choice if your current investment objectives aren’t being met. With access to industry-leading research, a Cape securities financial advisor will help you evaluate goals and attitudes toward risk to develop a personalized investment approach.

Through our advisors, you can tap into the most sophisticated investment platforms available and select investments across asset classes including equities, fixed income investments, along with actively or passively managed funds. We also offer direct participation programs, unit investment trusts, and Reg-D investments for accredited investors and corporations.