Financial Professionals-Technology

Platforms to upgrade management and products

While managing your business often consumes time away from growing it, performing both functions efficiently and profitably is a prerequisite for success. You no longer have to tend to one at the expense of the other. Balancing and optimizing these vital functions is what our complete web-based practice management suite, Cape Navigator, can help you achieve. It represents the progressive technology that helps enable our business. Advanced Technology Platforms including Advisor EXP and Client EXP represent two sides of an Integrated Advisor/Client Portal. Using Cape Navigator for managing your practice, you can more effectively acquire new clients and retain existing ones.

Cape also puts at your disposal all the benefits of our open-architecture model. It enables you to design:

  • Tailored and individualized strategies for each professional relationship
  • Advisor-Directed Portfolios – Numerous asset management platforms and custodians including professionally managed portfolios
  • Employee & Executive Benefit Plans – A full range of qualified and non-qualified plans and partnerships with industry leading vendors
  • Order stationary and business cards

Let Cape’s robust platforms handle your technology needs while you attend to servicing your clients and managing your growth.